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  • 52″ x 7″ Fleece scarf kit with Green, Black, White Hockey Player Theme Alternating With Solid Black Pattern- assembled with lacing of fleece ribbon using plastic needle- pre-punched holes in the fabric have tactile borders that enable the holes to be identified by touch, fleece fabric for fringe also included.

    • Includes four 7″x 13″ fleece rectangles with holes for stitching, plastic needle, fleece ribbons for lacing and scarf tassels; For instructions search Youtube Mitsy Kit Video Fleece 4 Piece Scarf; MACHINE WASH & DRY – GENTLE CYCLE – COLD WATER
    • Suitable for children, elderly, blind, memory impaired and disabled with age appropriate design options.
    • Therapeutic crafting, reminiscent of hand sewing. Dementia / Alzheimer friendly.
    • AS SEEN ON TV @ SEWING WITH NANCY; original, patented tactile sewing system.

    Click here for video assembly instructions: (Mitsy Kit 4 Piece Scarf Assembly Instructional Video)



  • This cute large dog bandana kit is a no-sew project which you can quickly lace together with a plastic needle and fleece ribbon.  The kit provides you with a 13-inch fleece fabric square folded in half into a half square triangle and two 35 inch fleece ribbons. The fleece bandana will measure 17 inches across the long side of the triangle, and 9 inches in height from the point of the triangle.  Once you adjust the length of the fleece neck straps to fit the dog’s neck size it can be simply pulled on and off over the dog’s head because of the stretch in the fleece strap.  Choose which fabric pattern you want for your dog bandana from the following options and include your choice in the order notes, or feel free to give us a call at 978-419-1824. FREE SHIPPING WHEN YOU ORDER 3 OR MORE BY ENTERING COUPON CODE: “DOG BANDANA”.

    FLB1) Red fleece with white snowflakes and red fleece strips

    FLB2) Light Gray fleece with white snowflakes and snowmen wearing red and green scarf and hats and red fleece strips

    FLB3) Off white fleece with red snowflakes and red fleece strips

    FLB4) White fleece with red and gray snowflakes and red fleece strips

    FLB5) Peach with Navy blue outlined daisies, with light blue and white centers and navy fleece strips

    FLB6) Gray fleece with black white and gray dog with red paw prints and words I woof you in black with black fleece strips

    FLB7) Red fleece with white shooting stars and white fleece strips

    FLB8) Off white fleece with tan, gray and black miscellaneous dogs with dog bones, fire hydrants and dog houses and black fleece strips

    FLB9) Red with black paw prints and black fleece strips

    FLB10) Black teal fleece with tan, white and gray paw prints in form of heart with black fleece strips

    FLB11) White fleece with royal blue silhouette of lab dog with white stitching wearing a red bandana, and has red scattered stars with red fleece strips

    FLB12) Bright blue fleece with large black paw prints and black fleece strips

    FLB13) Light seafoam green fleece with tan, rust, and brown and white corgi dogs and white fleece strips

    See pictures in the product gallery.  See assembly instructions in Description Section.

Showing all 2 results