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Mitsy Kit hand sewing and crafting kits make creativity accessible

for the blind, elderly, disabled and all using our patented, tactile guided system.

We help you to create memories and connect lives, one simple kit at a time.

Featured Products

  • This No Sew Halloween Wall Hanging Or Table Runner Kit is 12 by 36 inches with BOO spelled out vertically in sticky back foam letters, and the option of Braille sticky back dots beside each letter.  The wall hanging front-facing fabric has a navy blue sky background, orange pumpkins with yellow faces wearing black witch hats, black flying bats, and black spiders hanging off of thin white webs.  The backing of the wall hanging is made with a thick black felt that comes attached to the cotton facing, and has three small black felt loops at the top to insert dowel for hanging (the dowel is also included with the kit).

    This project can be customized to be as simple, or simple moderate complexity as described below.  We are also exploring an advanced complexity option to add on a crochet border to the project and will be providing more details as we test this out in our pilot project!

  • Customize a 13″ fleece two-piece pillowcase kit with your photo and text transferred onto a white fleece facing!  Send us a picture in jpg, jpeg, png, or svg format that is of good quality to print along with text and we will apply it to your pillow kit facing before sending it for you to lace up and fill with the included pillow form.  Choose from fabric options for the backing color and also indicate your choice of fleece, shoelaces, or grosgrain ribbon to lace your pillowcase. Kit includes ribbon and plastic needle or shoelaces for lacing through pre-punched holes in the fabric with tactile borders enabling the holes to be identified by touch, pillow insert is included with the set.  Don’t forget to enter coupon code “ShipFree” with no space in between at check out to get free shipping!  If you have any issues call us for assistance at 978-419-1824.  See assembly instructions in the description section below.

    Upload Picture And Options for Custom Pillow

    Use this form to upload photos and selected options for customized pillow kit
    • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, svg.
    • Please indicate any text you may want to be displayed with your photo - for example, a pet or loved one's name. We will send you an email with the picture modified with text to preview and approve before applying it to the pillowcase.


  • No-sew Mitsy Kit Christmas JOY Wall Hanging kit.  

    The completed project will be a ten-inch wide by 30 inches long red and white wall hanging with JOY spelled out vertically on three red fleece ten-inch squares with white ribbon stitched around each square, small white bows in the squares’ corners, and a dowel and white ribbon for hanging.  A simple running stitch is used on this kit as it makes it look like stitched blocks – so cute!  There is firm interfacing in between the red fleece squares and the cut-out letters are 5 inches wide by 7 + inches tall, made from a white foam material so it is tactile as well.

    The cost for the 30-inch by 10-inch wall hanging kit will be $25.00, plus tax if you live in Florida – and this will include free shipping in the US.

    Remember to type in ShipFree in the coupon code with no spaces to get your free shipping applied to the order.
  • 13″ fleece two piece pillow case – choose from fabric options listed below and displayed in picture gallery by  indicating the Pattern Number of choice in the order notes as well as your choice of fleece or grosgrain ribbon to lace your pillow case.  Kit includes grosgrain or fleece ribbon and plastic needle for lacing through pre-punched holes in the fabric with tactile borders enabling the holes to be identified by touch, pillow insert is included with the set.  Don’t forget to enter coupon code “ShipFree” with no space in between at check out to get free shipping!  If you have any issues call us for assistance at 978-419-1824.

    See fabric pattern options and assembly instructions in the Description section below.

  • Our 13 inch no sew fleece tote bag kit has two pre-sewn tote straps that make it easy for you to carry by hand or around your shoulder.  The kit includes two 13 inch fleece squares clipped together with pre-drilled tactile bordered holes on three sides that you will lace together by touch with three fleece ribbon strands and a plastic needle.  See the options for fleece fabric below and indicate your preference in the order notes, or you can call us and we will be happy to help you find something you like!  THE KIT PROVIDES EVERYTHING NEEDED TO MAKE THE BAG INCLUDING PLASTIC NEEDLE.

    Fleece Fabric Options are listed below by number, and pictured in the gallery.  Please reference the number of your preferred color/pattern in the order notes, or call us to discuss!


    (Dog Fleece Patterns)

    D1 – Black with dog paw prints in White, Red and Gray with Red hearts and White dog bones
    D2 – Black with white and tan dog paw prints
    D3 – Teal with white, dark teal and blue paw prints
    D4 – Medium blue with large black paw prints
    D5 – Corgi Dogs in Orange, Brown, and Tan on Light Teal Background
    D6 – Black and White Dogs with text I Woof You in Gray, Black, White and Red
    D7 -Off White with miscellaneous brown, white, gray dogs, dog houses, fire hydrants, bones




    (Kitten Fleece Patterns)

    K1 – Pink with white kittens holding pink hearts
    K2 – Light Teal with tan, gray and white kittens, hearts and flowers


    (Animal & Bug Patterns)

    A1 – Horses – Light Gray with running horses, gray, peach, light green colors


    A2 – Dinosaurs – Blue, Orange and Green on Black


    A3 – Elephants – Soft Yellow with White and Gray (Mama and Baby Elephants)
    A4 – Sheep – Soft Yellow with White and Gray Sheep
    A5 – Baby Animals – Off white with Lions, Giraffes, Turtles and Tigers


    A6 – White Unicorns on Navy Blue with Pink, Yellow, Green, and Red flowers and hearts
    A7 – Pink and Orange Flamingos on Teal


    A8 – Gray and White Pandas on Soft Pink with White hearts


    A9 – Pink, Lime Green, Orange, Yellow, and Turquois Butterflies on Navy blue


    A10 – Red, Black, and White Lady Bugs with flowers on Yellow


    A11 – Purple and Pink Turtles on light green


    A12 – White Deer, Moose and Bear Silhouettes On Black with Red & Gray snowflakes and Green Trees


    (Music Theme Patterns)

    M1 – Black Fleece with White Music notes


    (Winter Theme Patterns)

    W1 – Red with white snowflakes
    W2 – White with red and gray snowflakes
    W3 – Light Gray with White Snowmen in Red, Green and Black hats and scarves
    W4 – Off White with Red Truck Carrying Christmas Tree and Dog in window
    W5 – Joy, Be Merry, Hope, Love – White script on Red



    (Floral Theme Patterns)

    F1 – Gray with Pink, White and Gold Floral with Green Leaves
    F2 – watercolor flowers in cobalt blue, pink, lime green, and gray on white background
    F3 – Sunflowers in Yellow and Brown with Green Leaves on Off White
    F4 – Red and Green large floral on Gray


    (Sports Theme Patterns)

    S1 – Baseball – Play ball pattern blue, white and red
    S2 – Football – Green, White, Brown and Black football pattern
    S3 – Basketball – Gray, Black, White and Orange Basketball pattern


    S4 – Soccer – Lime Green, Black and White Soccer pattern
    S5 – Hockey – Green with Black, White and Gray Hockey Player silhouettes and hockey equipment


    (Outdoor Theme Patterns)

    O1 – Fun Glamping Tents, Campfire Print in Gray, Black, Orange and Blue
    O2 – Green and off white with evergreen trees and text Adventure, Explore, Gone To The Cabin
    O3 – Community Garden, light blue with white and tan houses, tan and pink flowering trees, pink watering cans, and garden patches tended by girls
    O4 – Little town with houses, streets, trees, cars, in light blue, green, dark blue, orange, yellow and white colors
    O5 – White clouds and colorful rainbows on light teal background


    (Miscellaneous Patterns & Solids)

    M1 – Light Blue and Lime Tie Die


    M2 – Solid Black
    M3 – Solid Off White
    M4 – Solid Red
    M5 – Solid Pink


    M6 – Solid Green
    M7 – Solid Navy
    M8 – Patriotic Red, White, Blue Banner
    M9 – Patriotic Red with small white shooting stars
    M10 – Airplanes (white silhouettes) on colorful stripes (black, blue, yellow, orange, red and green)
    M11 – Patriotic American Flags waving, Red, White & Blue

    See NO SEW 12 Inch Fleece Bag Assembly Text Instructions in Description Section below.

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