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Mitsy Kit hand sewing and crafting kits make creativity accessible

for the blind, elderly, disabled and all using our patented, tactile guided system.

We help you to create memories and connect lives, one simple kit at a time.


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About Mitsy Kit

Mitsy Kit makes sewing and crafting accessible to the blind, elderly and disabled using our patented, tactile guided sewing system.  Originally invented to help my mom, Mitsy, relearn how to hand sew by touch after losing her eyesight to Retinitis Pigmentosa, I was amazed by her dramatic improvement in quality of life as she discovered renewed purpose and joy .

After realizing that our tactile guided sewing system was also beneficial for others, we packaged the system into easy to use fabric project kits that provides everything needed to produce beautiful hand crafted pillows, scarves, lap blankets, bags and more. We also wanted our kits to be inclusive for all abilities, so we designed options for simple, moderate, and advanced experience levels.

Whether you have extensive sewing experience or none at all, our tactile guided kits and easy to follow audio / video instructions helps everyone be successful. We even have no sew pillow, bag, and scarf projects using fleece fabric with drilled holes that are easily laced together using a plastic needle and ribbon, or our new colorful shoelace option that is laced without a needle!

Our customers include individuals who purchase our kits for personal enjoyment and organizations who provide group sewing and crafting activities in residential and rehabilitation communities.

Mitsy Kit projects are  simple to execute, yet challenging and attractive enough to produce a great sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Adaptations level the playing field, enabling all to participate with the right level of challenge for success.

In addition to benefits of participants using Mitsy Kits, you can also feel proud that your purchase helps us to employ the blind and disabled, with 100% profit going to charity.  You can help us to make a real difference, changing lives, and giving back!

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I had a wonderful experience with my special needs nephew with cognitive and small muscle challenges recently.  He made a pillow from a Mitsy Kit.  Even though he had never done any sewing before, he “got” it quickly and he was so proud and happy.  Everyone who came into the house (we were on a family vacation with lots of folks) was proudly shown the finished pillow by him and he got a lot of high fives.  Pride, self esteem, focus, patience, accomplishment and just a plain old fun hour together.  We’ll do another one soon!

Susan Jepson