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Mitsy Kit is based on an invention created by a daughter seeking to improve her mother’s quality of life, despite her aging and disability. Blindness became a challenge, but was met with opportunity to make a difference. The Mitsy Kit flagship product emerged a, tactile sewing kit (patent pending), that enables all to participate in hand stitching to create beautiful pillows, bags, blankets and more, all by using sense of touch.

Mitsy Kit seeks to improve quality of life outcomes for those who are challenged with physical and or cognitive barriers by providing  activities that are  simple to execute, yet challenging and attractive enough to produce a great sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Adaptations level the playing field, enabling all to participate with the right level of challenge for success.

In addition to improving the quality of life outcomes of the participant, an ancillary benefit is the improvement in the quality of life for caretakers as they experience relief and joy in a renewed connection with their loved one.

Mitsy Kit’s mission is focused around the following key areas:

Accessibility – we will meet people where they are, both figuratively and literally.  We will break down barriers through training and partnerships.

Adaptability – achieved through design and development of high touch solutions that elevate human connections – not replace them.

Affordability  – made possible as we provide 10% of our profits to buy kits for those in financial need, and promote community partnerships to support purpose driven activity for all.

We live out our mission, fueled by our vision to become a sustainable, adaptive crafting product development and services entity that enables communities across the globe to escape social isolation, promote purpose, and elevate human connections.

Lastly, we welcome partnerships with those who share our mission, and would love to hear from anyone wanting to join our cause!

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