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  • Just in time for Valentine’s Day – our Mitsy Kit no-sew origami Valentine pouch!  Fully lined with pink striped cotton fabric, stiff interfacing, pretty pink outer fabric with scattered tulips and hearts, and a pink fleece heart appliqué to adhere on the front center of the pouch. Dimensions of the completed pouch is 6 inches wide, 7 inches tall at the center and 2 inches depth inside the center.As cute as this little pouch is, it is super easy to make with fleece ribbon and a plastic needle to lace together layers, a couple of strategic folds and ties, stick on the appliqué, and tie the ribbon on top to complete the handle!A great gift for that special someone that can be made extra special when filled with treats and a card!

    Project assembly instructions below:

    *Use 1 ribbon strand on each side to lace up project kit:

    1. Insert a ribbon strand into the eye of the plastic needle leaving a short tail (~2”).
    2. Start lacing in the corner hole by going top-down through tactile bordered holes, in all layers of fabric.
    3. Pull ribbon through until leave about a 4” tail on top. Secure tail under the plastic clip in the corner.
    4. Lace with Overcast stitch: pull ribbon over top of fabric edge and insert needle top-down through the next hole (to the right or left of current hole depending upon which direction you are stitching), repeat for all holes stopping before the last hole in the corner.  At THE CORNER HOLE insert the needle bottom-up through the hole and pull the ribbon through leaving the tail on top.  Remove the plastic needle, and re-lace with a new ribbon leaving a short 2″ tail.  Then insert the plastic needle and ribbon top-down through the same corner hole that the tail of the last ribbon came up through.  Pull ribbon through until the remaining tail on top is the same length as the tail that is beside it in the corner hole.
    5. Complete stitching 4 sides of the project. Repeat step 4 to complete lacing all 4 sides of the project with an overcast stitch.
    6. Remove 8 plastic clips from 4 corners of the project.
    7. Tie knots (not bows) with ribbon tails in the four corners of the project.
    8. Proceed with origami folding steps: Take the fabric squares just stitched together and fold in half to form a triangle.
    9. Lay the folded triangle flat on the table with the top point of the triangle pointing away from you, then pull the two opposite corners of the long side of the triangle and fold them inward toward each other so that they meet at the bottom center of the long side. Tie the four ribbon tails from both of the intersecting points together into a bow.
    10. Turn the folded triangle fabric over on the table so that the tied points are facing down.  Take the fleece heart applique and remove the paper backing to reveal a sticky backside.  Finger press on the sticky back of the heart to the front center of the triangle fabric to adhere.
    11. The last step is to tie the four tails from the two top triangle points to form a handle for the pouch.  To do this, pull the four tails together about two inches up from the triangle points and tie together in a tight knot.
    12. Now you can open the center of your pouch and fill it with treats and or cards! 😄

    Feel free to call us with any questions at 978-419-1824.

Showing the single result