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  • This kit provides you with the fabric, plastic needle, and ribbon needed to create a set of two 4.5″ square cotton and fleece coasters or sachets.  The fabric pattern includes light green, white and red iced Christmas Cookies on a light blue background.  The kit is easily put together by lacing the pre-punched holes in the fabric with tactile borders that enable the holes to be identified by touch.

    These kits can be made as coasters – which are great tactile place markers for the blind or visually impaired to feel where a drink is set on the table – or after lacing three sides of the fabric with ribbon you can insert scented cotton balls, or as displayed in one of our pictures try inserting a Scentsy Pak, to fill as a sachet before closing the fourth side.  Please note that the SCENTSY PRODUCTS ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THE MITSY KIT BUT CAN BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY THROUGH LINKS INCLUDED BELOW TO OUR PARTNER NINI’S SITE.  Nini is a visually impaired Scentsy business owner who also enjoys Mitsy Kit adaptive crafting.  We are proud to be partnering with her to provide our customer’s access to the Scentsy products which complement our kits.  See Nini’s story here: https://nini.scentsy.us/consultant/bio

    See Coaster / Sachet Project Assembly Simple Text Instructions In Description Section Below.

  • 5″ x 5″ Cotton coaster / wine cozie kit (2 pack) – in dark pink, green and yellow plaid on one side and pink, gold and yellow rose pattern on opposite side – moderate complexity using a regular needle and thread.  This makes a good entry level project to learn how to sew by touch with Mitsy Kit tactile border.  Two coasters can be made with this one kit.

    New envelope back design allows the coaster to be used as a wine coaster cozie by inserting base of wine glass into envelope opening through back.  Add a small unique appliqué on each coaster backing and you can use to identify each guest’s glassware!

    We also provide accessory sewing tools with bow threader, crewel size 3 needle pack, tomato pin cushion, and thread if needed @ MitsyKit.org search under accessories for mini hand sewing tool kit.


    • Remove plastic clips before you reach them to prevent thread from getting tangled in clip
    • Go to instructions on how to thread using the adaptive threading tools on YouTube @ Mitsy Kit Video Thread Needle With Bow Threader.
    • Go to YouTube audio/video instructions to learn how to do a running stitch @ Mitsy Kit Video Running Stitch Demonstration.

    See general coaster audio video instructions here: https://youtu.be/qeG8i2co-qg

    Text Instructions on Mitsy Kit Coaster / Wine Cozie Assembly: 

    *Use regular hand sewing needle (recommend Crewel size 3) and hand sewing thread to stitch together the cotton facing square to the two piece backing attached together by plastic clips and a safety pin.  *Tips, remove plastic clips before you reach them to prevent thread from getting tangled in clip – you can also go to YouTube audio/video instructions to learn how to do a running stitch @ Mitsy Kit Video Running Stitch Demonstration.    

    • Insert thread into eye of needle – recommend double threading needle at about arm’s length and tie off with knot.  *Tip, if you have trouble getting the thread through the eye of the needle we recommend the bow style needle threader. Instructions on how to thread using this tool is on YouTube @ Mitsy Kit Video Thread Needle With Bow Threader.  We also provide accessory sewing tools with bow threader, crewel size 3 needle pack, tomato pin cushion, and thread if needed @ www.MitsyKit.org search under accessories for mini hand sewing tool kit. 
    • You will be hand stitching (using a running stitch) to join the outer, four sides of the cotton coaster together.  Begin by inserting tip of the threaded needle through all layers of fabric in one of the corners under the tactile threaded border, then begin the running stitch with small stitches, ¼” or less, stitching just under the tactile threaded border.   If your thread runs out to 4” or so, tie off thread, and rethread needle to restart running stitch where you left off and complete stitching around all four sides of the coaster kit. 
    • Once completed running stitch on all four sides, run finger along sewn seams to make sure that all stitches are tight without any large gaps.  If gaps are found, re-stitch over section to close. 
    • Once confirmed there are no large gaps in stitching, remove safety pin from back center of coaster and turn fabric right side out through middle opening.  Use pointer finger to push out fabric in 4 corners. This completes the stitching of your coaster.  Iron the coaster to flatten for best results. 
    • If you want to use your coaster as a wine cozie, simply insert the bottom on the stem of your wine glass into the opening on back of coaster! 
    • Enjoy your coaster creation or give as a gift! 😄 

    Care Instructions:  You can wash and dry by machine with gentle cycle and cool settings. 

    Call us with any questions at 978-419-1824!  Happy Crafting! 

Showing all 2 results