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candle mat

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  • 10×10 Cotton and Fleece two piece candle mat kit – Lab dogs in red truck with green landscape pattern – includes red shoelaces to lace together- pre-punched holes in the fabric have tactile borders that enable the holes to be identified by touch. The colors in this pattern make a good Christmas display.  CANDLE IS NOT INCLUDED.

    See Candle Mat or Hot Pad Project Assembly Simple Text Instructions Below:

    *Use 1 ribbon strand or shoelace on each side to lace up project kit:

    1. If using plastic needle and ribbon, insert a ribbon strand into eye of plastic needle leaving a short tail (~2”).  If using a shoe lace proceed to step 2.
    2. Start lacing in corner hole by going top down through tactile bordered holes, in all layers of fabric.
    3. Pull ribbon or shoelace through until leave about a 6” tail on top. Secure tail under plastic clip in corner.
    4. Lace with Overcast stitch:pull ribbon or shoe lace over top of fabric edge and insert needle top down through the next hole (to right or left of current hole depending upon which direction you are stitching), repeat for all holes stopping before next to last hole before corner.  At the next to last hole BEFORE THE CORNER insert needle up from bottom and pull ribbon through leaving tail on top.
    5. Complete stitching 4 sides of project. Repeat steps 1-4 to complete lacing 4 sides of project with overcast stitch.
    6. Remove 8 plastic clips from 4 corners of project.
    7. Tie double knots and bows with ribbon or shoe lace tails in four corners of project.
    8. Admire, use, or give away your beautiful creation as a gift! 😄

    Feel free to call us with any questions at 978-419-1824.

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