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Set of Two Cotton 10″ Napkins With Cutlery Pocket Kit – Hand Sewing Project – Includes Pre-Cut Fabric & Tactile Sewing Guides


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See the Description section for assembly instructions.


Mitsy Kit Set of Two 10” Cotton Napkin With Cutlery Pocket Project kit includes:

  • A patented, tactile sewing system with text and audio, video instructions
  • Two sets of napkin kit contents. Each napkin kit has one pre-cut, decorative cotton fabric facing clipped together with two pre-cut and folded, solid cotton fabric backing pieces
  • Four tactile ¼”sewing guide strips with adhesive backing.

You will be hand stitching (using a running stitch) to join the cotton fabric facing and backing pieces together around the four sides of the perimeter, just underneath the tactile seam allowance guide strips. The backing is an envelope-style backing with an opening in the middle that you will use to turn your napkin right side out, and then use as a pocket for your cutlery. Detailed stitching instructions are below.

Choose from the four pattern options by selecting from the pull-down option list.

Detailed Instructions on Kit Assembly:

*Use regular hand sewing needle (recommend Crewel size 3) and hand sewing thread – LEAVE PLASTIC CLIPS ON UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO REMOVE 

  1. Insert thread into eye of needle– we recommend double threading the needle at about arm’s length and tie off with knot. *Tip, if you have trouble getting the thread through the eye of the needle, we recommend the bow style needle threader. Instructions on how to thread using this tool are on YouTube @ Mitsy Kit Video Thread Needle With Bow Threader.  We also provide accessory sewing tools. Our mini hand sewing tool kit comes with bow threader, hair clip, crewel size 3 needle pack, tomato pin cushion, plastic clips and thread. You can find this on our site @ www.mitsykit.org or click here to go directly to the mini hand sewing tool kit.
  2. You will be hand stitching (using a running stitch) to join the cotton fabric facing and backing pieces together around the perimeter, just underneath the tactile seam allowance guide strips.
  3. Your project includes a 10-inch fabric facing square attached with plastic clips to two 10” x 5” folded rectangles with right sides together. Place the clipped project on the table so that the single 10-inch square is facing down with the two 10” x 5” rectangles facing up.
  4. Remove two plastic clips from the top edge of the 10” project (this can be any one of the four sides positioned at the top of the square on the table) and set the clips nearby for later use.
  5. Attach one of the tactile seam allowance guide strips along the top edge of the 10” top side by removing the paper backing and then pressing the strip right along the top edge of the project so that the top edge of the strip is lined up with the top edge of the 10” fabric pieces. Tip: When pressing the tactile seam allowance guide along the top edge of the fabric, use your index finger of your non-dominant hand to feel underneath the strip and fabric so that you can feel a tiny bit of the strip tackiness along the top edge. This will ensure that the strip is not positioned too far down from the edge causing a wider than intended ¼” seam allowance. The strip can be repositioned as needed.
  6. Once the tactile strip guide is positioned, carefully slide the plastic clips (previously removed from the top edge) back in place over the strips to hold the top front and back sides of the project together while stitching. Perform the running stitch just underneath the tactile strip sewing guide. *Tip, remove plastic clips before you reach them with stitching to prevent the thread from getting tangled in a clip. If needed, go to YouTube audio/video instructions to learn how to do a running stitch @Mitsy Kit Video Running Stitch Demonstration.
  7. Once you have completed stitching across the top side and tie off the end of your stitching with a knot, you can remove the tactile seam allowance guide strip and set aside to re-use. The tackiness on the back of the strip will allow you to re-use the strip several times before it becomes unusable.
  8. Turn your project ¼ turn to the right (clockwise) so that the stitched section of your project is now to your right.
  9. Now repeat steps 2b – 2f to stitch the other three sides of your project. You can use the same tactile strip as long as the tackiness allows, or you can use a new tactile strip as needed. This completes your stitching.
  10. Next you will turn your project right side out by pulling the far corner edges from the inside and pull them right side out through the center opening between the folded rectangular backing pieces. Continue to pull all the interior fabric right side out making sure to push your fingertip or blunt side of a pen or pencil into the corners to make them pointed.
  11. Iron the project flat and then choose how you wish to use the napkin. You can simply use the napkin on a table with the 10” decorative square side facing up or you can choose to use the napkin folded in half with cutlery in the inside pocket.
  12. To use as a folded napkin with cutlery inside the inner pocket: Iron the project in half vertically with the inside pocket laying horizontally. Place the backing side face up on the ironing mat with the opening between the two rectangles positioned horizontally (left to right). Fold the left side of the project in half vertically toward the right so that the fold will be on the left and the open side on the right. Iron along the left-hand fold. Next, you will fold back the top right corner of the fabric to allow the top of the cutlery to peak through the top of the folded napkin. Fold back the top right corner of the fabric so that it forms a triangle with the left side of the triangle laying parallel to the folded edge, and iron the fold of the triangle.
  13. Place the stems of your cutlery (knife, spoon, and fork) inside the bottom pocket on the right side. This should result in the tops of the cutlery appearing above the opening.

We hope you have enjoyed this craft!  If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 978-419-1824.

Audio / Video instructions can be found on YouTube by searching for Mitsy Kit Cutlery Pocket Napkin Instructions.

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in
Primary Pattern


Sub Pattern

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