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Something for Everyone! Choose the Right Training Method for Your Needs.   YouTube AUDIO VIDEO Training  Simple Kits AUDIO VIDEO Fleece Pillow Kit Instructional YouTube Playlist Fleece Table Top Runner Instructions Fleece Blanket Instructional Playlist Fleece Origami Tote Tutorial Fleece Hat Kit Video No Sew Fabric Coasters Moderate Kits AUDIO VIDEO  Cotton Fabric Coaster / [...]

Something for Everyone! Choose Simple, Moderate, or Advanced Kits to Fit Your Needs. Simple Complexity Use plastic needle – safe for all Good for those with neuropathy, dexterity, cognitive challenges, or for anyone young and old; a great option for inter-generational activity or children's parties Quick to complete Choose fleece pillows, scarves, lap blankets, activity mats… [...]

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Television Broadcasts Sewing With Nancy On PBS Mitsy Kit Blog Want to lift your spirits? Learn from the pros…Photo includes Bridges by Epoch community members (left to right) Helen, Angie, Roger, and Anne, Bridges by Epoch Life Enrichment Director (kneeling) Abbie, (standing) Bridges by Epoch Community Relations Director Sarah, Mitsy Kit CEO Tammy Roussell, [...]