Our History

Inspired by family

Mitsy was a seamstress in her younger years; however, later in life, she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). As her RP progressed she was forced to give up on the sewing projects she loved.

The Mitsy Kit was inspired by a process developed by Mitsy’s daughter, Tammy, to help her blind 88 year old mother to sew quilts by touch.

A New System

Tammy created a system to put a tactile border on quilt squares to guide her mom’s sewing.

With this new way to help her to “see” where to stitch through touch, Mitsy once again found joy and purpose in sewing quilts.

Research and Development

Throughout many months of intensive research, Tammy found there was nothing else like this system being offered.

She decided to design, sell, and teach about the kit, to help benefit the greater blind and visually impaired community.

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